NMD 360 PE CTR Royal Blue / Fluro Red

360 CTR
The 360 Contour was designed as a high spec PE-HD board for small to medium surf. The template is full-sized and prone specific with enough volume in the nose to support the shoulders and a smooth curve through the wide-point for down the line speed. The Traxion contour enables a positive backhand grip and the EXT Stringer delivers a spring-loaded spine to the core structure.

– Performance Template Designed by Nick Mesritz
– 2.4pcf Sealed Air Ethafoam™ Extruded PE Core
– CNC Precision Manufacturing
– WaveSlick High Density Slick Skin
– WaveDeck IXLPE Deck & Outer Rails
– XFL Inner Rails, Nose and Tail Guards
– 360 Traxion Contour
– EXT Stringer
– Graduated Channels
– Bull Grip Nose Bulbs
– Crescent Tail
– Buzz-Tech Lamination

From R2 850.00